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List of artists and professionals currently sharing their knowledge and experience with Eclipse Parcial projects.

Frances Orantes

Correograph and Contemporary Dancer, Pilates trainer, School support to infants, aerobics for all ages.

Carlos Salazar

Founder and Director of Eclipse Parcial. Leader and organiser of professional and quality artists with dedication to community and social services.

Anika Plesec

Acrobat, contemporary dancer. Tutor of circus workshops for youth and children in various disciplines: floor and areal acrobacy, experimental dances, etc.

Nestor Hernandez

Artesan, Maestro of Serigraphy, Sculptures, Ceramics and Visual arts.


Laura Dolores Lazo

Contemporary dancer, Latins rhythms, Pilates, Aerobics, Maestra of first little steps and physical education for infants, computers, etc.


Rafael Rendon

Music lecturer in Guitar, Violin amongs other instruments under his talents


Dario Toniolo

Psycologist and maestro of tales and lectures for infants


Erica Ruiz

Social Worker, Drawing and painting for kids. Learning to read workshops leader for infants.


Walter Rojas

Audio Visual producer, Multimedia, Musician, coordinates video and multimedia workshops via Intenet for infants and adults.